Mercy High School


Agriculture Earth Science 

Agriculture Earth Science is a one-year science course with a laboratory. It is designed to meet the needs of a college bound student, with a career interest in agriculture. Using agriculture as a means to teach this course emphasizes the principles and practices of Earth Science, while also showing the relevance of Earth Science in agriculture to each student’s life and environment. This course will establish an expanded learning environment including technological access to data (Ipads), traditional classroom work, Laboratory exercises, and fieldwork. The laboratory aspect of this class is included to connected the main ideas of Earth Science to agriculture applications, and the physical science principles. It will also incorporate the learning of oral and written response skills.

Computer Science10 credits/year

This course is designed to offer an introduction to computer science. Students will learn the basics of computer programming along with the basics of computer science. The material emphasizes computational thinking and helps develop the ability to solve complex problems. The course is taught in the format of a massive open online course, with an instructor on site. The Primary language is Python.

This course introduces the student to computers with a major emphasis on a working knowledge of hardware and software. Included is a brief survey of the history of personal computers, specific terms of the Windows 9x operating systems, the basics of word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation, and Internet browsing applications. Students enrolled in Computer Science are expected to develop proficiency in keyboarding, and will explore other areas such as web page development, introductory programming, and use of peripherals. Open to all students.

Yearbook5 credits/semester

This course is designed to teach the necessary skills to produce a high school yearbook. Course content includes copy writing, photography, marketing, graphic design, and computer-generated layout. Yearbook students must be dependable, diligent, and willing to work after school. Open to freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

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