Mercy High School

Fine Arts

Art 1A-1B10 credits/year

This one or two semester course covers the basic elements and principles of art and design. Through the skills learned in the classes, students are encouraged to develop critical thinking, originality and creativity, new vocabulary and self-expression both orally and artistically. With the teacher's guidance students will develop skills in constructive criticism which will promote artistic development and self thought. Grades are not based on talent but on effort and work produced. Most materials are provided but students may be required to purchase some supplies. Fulfills the University of California requirement as a college preparatory elective in the Visual and Performing Arts. Open to all students.

Digital Photography10 credits/year

Students will gain familiarity with the camera and lens, learn about exposure & metering techniques, and about the composition, and lighting. They will have opportunities to apply this knowledge by presenting 2 photographic projects for the students showcase at the end of each semester.

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